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Chelsie Cain on Jul 24 2020 12:56PM

Everyone feels different. Looking at the reviews I was scared to death about abortion. My friend encouraged me and I ordered the MTP kit from I read the instructions and took painkillers on both days. I took the pills when I was 5 weeks pregnant and my abortion was successful. When the clot passed, in those 2 hours, the pain was severe. Thanks to the reviews, I had kept heat bags, took showers, laid down, and the following days were like normal periods. It wasn’t as bad as I expected. So relax!  You can try purchasing abortion pills from, and get exciting offers on trying Transferwise payment.

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Beth Anderson on Jul 15 2020 12:54PM

The abortion was successful, the pills worked! I was almost 10 weeks pregnant and didn’t think it would work. I ordered for MTP Kit and followed the instructions thoroughly. Took the first dose and the next day I inserted 4 misoprostol pills in the vagina. Within an hour, I bled heavily. The cramps and pain were severe, I passed golf-sized clots while passing urine. The pain and bleeding decreased as days passed. After 3 weeks, my ultrasound results showed no pregnancy. The site that helped me is, they are legit and offer pills on discount along with vivid payment gateway options like Transferwise!

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Kristi Jencks on Jul 12 2020 12:51PM

I read so many reviews on medical abortion and trust me I didn’t know what to do, but abortion was in my mind. I was not ready for the pregnancy. My partner supported me in the decision. It is big, and one needs to be prepared mentally and physically. We researched to decide to buy MTP Kit. After lots of comparisons, we landed on and ordered the pills. has good offers and allows us to choose the payment gateways of our choice. We used Transferwise, it was secure and got the transaction details immediately. The next day, we received the pills. I followed the instructions and took the 2 sets of pills accordingly. Took pain killers on the second day, my partner helped me heat bags. Bleeding and pain were 10 times more than the normal periods, but after 2 weeks, we went for an ultrasound, and the abortion was successful. Thank you

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Lena Charles on Jul 8 2020 12:49PM

Abortion pills give you privacy, and that is what I wanted. I’m 35, mother of two and I didn't want another. It was an unplanned pregnancy, everyone has their reason, but yes, abortion is painful. I didn't want to visit the clinic or let everyone know about my pregnancy. I ordered abortion pills from at a discounted price, and also opened an account on Transferwise. These people have a good transaction system – clear and transparent! I got my pills in 3 days, took the first pill on the same day. The next day I took painkillers before taking misoprostol pills. For an hour or two until the fetus passed in the urine, pain, and cramping was extreme. I kept heat bags and rested the whole day! Slowly the pain decreased. It is important to be prepared! All the best!

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Sarahh Palin on Jul 3 2020 12:47PM

Right abortion pills, 2-3 days of rest, lots of pads, heat bags, and pain killers is all you need during an abortion at home. I’m a mother of two and abortion is not as painful as normal delivery. Each woman is different, and so does the pain tolerance level. Thanks to my friend who introduced me to, I opened an account on Transferwise. Received pills super-fast and the transactions were transparent. I took an abortion pill when I was 8 weeks pregnant and yes, it was painful, but only for an hour, slowly the pain, cramps decreases. Abortion is big, so plan accordingly.

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Regine Brooks on Jul 1 2020 12:42PM

Last month, I found I was pregnant, and I decided on abortion. After going through sites and reviews, decided to take abortion pills. My friend recommended me to order from And while ordering I created an account on Transferwise and received an additional discount. They are very fast and deliver pills on time. While reading all the reviews on pain during an abortion, I decided to share my experience. Look, every woman is different. I had severe pain for 1.5 hours, excruciating pain. Heating pads and showers reduced my pain. Once the pregnancy is out, the pain reduces. If you can bear with those 1-2 hours, you will be fine for the rest of the time. All the best!

Successful Abortion With Ease

Svetlana Cuss on Jun 30 2020 12:39PM

Hello there, abortion experiences are different for each one of us. I'm 19 years old and took my abortion pill pack from My boyfriend bought it for me, got a discount on creating an account at Transferwise. We both were happy with the discount, and transparent transaction. We received the pills in a day, after reading the instructions, I took the first pill. It didn't affect much, the next day, I put 4 pills of Misoprostol inside the mouth, side of the cheeks, and flushed it inside with water. Within an hour, I started to bleed, from mild to heavy bleeding in an hour. I had sharp pain, and I visited the bathroom, and I passed 2 big blood clots. My boyfriend put a heating pad on my back, and I just rested the whole day. Bleeding gradually decreased. After 14 days, we went for an ultrasound, and the abortion was successful. Follow instructions and take the pills, use heat pads, take shower, and have someone to help you out for those 2 days. All the best!

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Wesley Bates on Apr 10 2020 9:55AM

If you are running out of time then go for overnight shipping and that’s what I did as I was already 8.5 weeks pregnant. I received MTP Kit on 2nd day after ordering otherwise my life would be messed up. Easy to place an order, easy to make TRANSFERWISE payment, tracking details worked as expected. I had a chat with customer care guys about my orders they answered my queries and I was updated about my order. If required I’ll definitely purchase from for sure!

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Samantha Smith on Mar 27 2020 6:37AM

I’ve been a repeated customer for Every single time the experience is just great. Hassle-free transaction, easy ordering and there you go! Thanks guys for being trustworthy and you guys helped me a lot. I would also like to share my experience that I had ordered this time with overnight shipping mode and probably my order arrived in less than 5 days.

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Candice Cromwell on Mar 24 2020 5:37AM

I was worried about the shipping earlier but thanks to for offering overnight shipping. My parcel arrived within 4 working days.

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Abigail Akon Obro on Mar 21 2020 4:37AM

For offer I choose to pay through Transferwise hence I got 10% off on my order. I didn’t trust Transferwise payment mode, glad customer support shared details about it and provided step by step guidance. Through Transferwise I was given an option to choose either credit or debit card. I have got my order updates and tracking details on time. Never knew buying abortion pills would be easy, thanks for making it easy!

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Sally Selcen Stochliya on Mar 20 2020 3:37AM

Overnight shipping was very much helpful for me as it was too late for me to wait for the pills. I just received my package today and pills are legit and the package is discreet which my concern was. Thanks for your help.

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Carla Houston on Mar 15 2020 2:37AM

Great services were provided, luckily it is easy to place an order and made payment using TRANSFERWISE. These days it not easy to believe online pharmacies, but is legit and you can be confident about your purchase. Discreet packing and overnight shipping are the best options I got it from this pharmacy.

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CECILIA WILLIS on Mar 8 2020 6:24PM

Earlier I was in doubt whether this is genuine or fake. But thanks to brilliant customer support team who helped in making me believe in it and helping me to make payment under the guidance. Since that time Remitly has become my best payment mode for every shopping. It helped me make payment online through Credit/Debit card.

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LINDSEY BURNS on Mar 7 2020 6:21PM

Thanks team for special offers and discounts on shipment and vivid payment modes. Thanks for allowing me to make payment through Transferwise. It is one of the most reliable & secure payment methods in USA for hassle free transactions. It helped me to make payment online through credit card. And the best thing, I got the tracking at the earliest as I was done with the payment in fractions.

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DAISY on Mar 5 2020 6:18PM

I wanted to write this testimonial and share my experience with this easy and safe payment mode Transferwise. I was not believing in this but later when the brilliant team of introduced me this and helped me throughout the process of making payment, now this has been by far one of the best payment methods I have ever come across. It helped me to make payment online through Credit/Debit cards.

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JENNY on Mar 3 2020 6:15PM

I agree with Angelina. I had been using remitly since a year back. Its quick and easy. Now coming to it’s the one of the bestest online pharma company for abortion pills. I would recommend this to all my friends.

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Angelina Martin on Mar 1 2020 9:34AM

Thanks to for delivering the product on time. And special thanks to the team for introducing me new payment method i.e Transferwise. One of the best and hassle-free payment mode. The transfer was quick and so was the product delivery. And the team helped me on how to access this best payment mode–

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AMANDA M on Feb 28 2020 2:49PM

i was 6 week pregnant. I was worried and tensed. i wasn't ready to be a single parent. i ordered mtp kit. initially i doubt if the site is genuine but could help but order because i was playing all my shots to get the abortion done. the online support helped me track the shipment all the time. they provided me guidance and reassurance. Its been a great support. i would recommend the site to order safe and genuine pills.

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Stephanie Allen on Jan 15 2020 5:14PM

I would suggest mtp kit or Abortion pill pack to every women who wants to terminate her pregnancy upto 9 weeks. I took this from this website, In beginning was a jerk, but as I took it, I was extremely satisfied with its results. It is genuinely very efficient. Yes, I got hefty bleeding, nevertheless it is extremely normal to very buyer. The shipping was originated from India and hence I was wondering it might be a risk to buy from somewhere who's shipping department is located in Asian countries but secureabortionpills support and assistance helped me believe in them and their different payment modes. My abortion as a successful attempt. Billion thanks to the team.