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Great service and quick response in getting my medication to me

Levi Hamilton on Jul 26 2020 2:47PM

This is my second abortion; I have had it 4 years ago. Abortion pills are safe and didn’t give me any side effects. I had ordered pills from and they offer discounts when compared with other pharmacy. Thanks to the support team, I opened an account on Transferwise. It is secure and hassle-free. I received pills in a day, followed instructions, and 2 weeks later went for confirmation. Thank you!

Customer service was excellent and order arrived in 3 days

Veronica Figeroa on Jul 23 2020 2:42PM

I was 7 weeks pregnant and chose abortion. Abortion experience varies. I had followed all the instructions, but I didn’t pass the clot for almost 10 hours. Later on, I passed a lollipop sized clot and slowly the bleeding decreased. After 2 weeks, my bleeding stopped. I visited the clinic and the abortion was successful. So guys chill, take abortion pills, take pain killers, and relax. By the way, I ordered an MTP kit from and got a 5% discount on choosing Transferwise payment.

Super Easy and Big Savings!!

Alisha Steffanie on Jul 19 2020 2:28PM

I’m 21 and took my abortion pills when I was 7 weeks pregnant. My friend suggested me to purchase from, and I received the pills in 3 days. The first pill was fine, I didn't have any side effects, and my day at work was ok. The next day, I took Ibuprofen and after an hour I took 4 Misoprostol pills orally. After an hour, I had severe cramps and pain, I went to the bathroom and could see lemon sized clot falling. I had changed 3 pads in that 1 hour. Slowly the pain and bleeding decreased. The next day I was way much better. Guys, it’s just those 2 hours of pain that one has to bear. All the best, and try purchasing abortion pills from, they have vivid payment gateways.

Affordable, Great Customer Service, Shipped Straight!!

Jenny Flatoue on Jul 15 2020 2:26PM

Abortion is big, it will have pain and bleeding is part of it. One can have heat bags, prescribed pain killers, and friends/colleagues/partner for support. Choosing the right medication is also important. Mifepristone alone or Misoprostol alone will not result in abortion. Take both medicines. I purchased an Abortion Pill Pack from and my abortion was successful. Choose the right pills. Try and you could get offers and discounts on opening an account on Transferwise. All the best!

Quick and Affordable!

Casey Sheehan on Jul 10 2020 1:06PM

I knew I was pregnant immediately after missing my periods. And I decided on an abortion. My partner and I researched for abortion pills and ordered MTP Kit at Got a good discount and created an account at Transferwise, the transaction as simple and transparent. We received the pills in a day, followed the instruction and I took the first pill. It did nothing, but the next day when I took the last 4 pills, I had the worst pain of my entire life. I took Ibuprofen, and the pain lasted from the morning all the way into the late afternoon. Thankfully the next day I was completely fine. I must say, each woman is different. Pain tolerance and pregnancy stage matters I guess. The painkillers help a lot. Try, they have varieties of abortion pill packs with great offers and discounts. 

Awesome Service, Genuine Product Efficacy

Maria Hardy Kanellis on Jul 5 2020 1:04PM

Hello team, thank you for the discount on the abortion pill. I got an additional 5% discount on creating a new account on Transferwise. Thank you team for introducing me to Transferwise, it was very transparent and received transaction details immediately. You have got a great team for quick delivery. And regarding sharing experience with the abortion pill, each woman has a different experience. I was 5 weeks pregnant and ordered abortion pills. Took Mifepristone on day 1 at 11 am, had a weakness with nausea. The next morning after breakfast, I took Ibuprofen and at 11 am, inserted 4 pills of misoprostol in the vagina. I had mild cramping, the bleeding started but was light, after 2 hours, I had heavy bleeding. The heavy bleeding continued, and I passed 2 small grape size clots while passing urine, slowly by day end, the bleeding decreased. 5 days have passed and the bleeding continues but like a normal period. I'm yet to visit a doctor for the abortion confirmation. Abortion pills are safe and you get it delivered quickly at

Thankful to

Emma Megan on Apr 6 2020 9:37AM

I got pregnant and my boyfriend cheated on me so somehow I had to abort as my career was ahead. Pregnancy gave me a lot of anxiety issues, thanks to, I ordered my pills as early as possible on 4th week of pregnancy and within 13 days I received my order and I will be very grateful to this drug store for doing such a great help to women. I got a 10% discount on my first order and for making TRANSFERWISE payment.

Legit Pharmacy

Penny Albritton on Apr 2 2020 8:37AM

Choosing the right abortion pill from a legit pharmacy is a big hurdle these days. Thanks to this pharmacy where it provides the original medicines, supported me during my tough time. The update was given to me regarding the package on a daily basis, I selected express shipping so I received my order on the 12th day of ordering. This is a great pharmacy to go for MTP Kit.

Awesome online pharmacy

Janet Chua on Mar 30 2020 7:37AM

Excellent communication with customer care executives, I was given clear guidance regarding payment as I made my payment through Remitly. 10% discount was applied upon paying through Remitly, shipping was free as my order was worth 250$. Good online pharmacy to consider and buy abortion medicine.

Awesome Experience & Great Customer Support

KRISTINE RICHARDS on Mar 11 2020 6:30PM

Just received the pills. Thanks for receiving them in desired time frame. Plus specials applause for helping me create an account in TRANSFERWISE. I could easily remember how was I hesitating to opt this payment option. And thanks to the support team who tolerated me and helped me patiently to achieve it. Later I researched and discovered that it is one of the fastest growing digital platforms for making online payments. It makes us effortless to make online and digital payments securely. It helped me make payment through debit/credit cards. Once again thanks to team secureabortionpills.

Versatile and Secure Payment Method

ALBERTA OLIVER on Mar 10 2020 6:27PM

Thanks to for offering me various payment modes. Thanks team for letting me know with Transferwise. I would say it is one of the most versatile and secure payment method. It helped me make payment through Credit/Debit cards. I got the delivery on desired time frame. Not only about the payment methods but also the connected discounts on selection of payment methods is the highlight part. My next purchase will be unquestionably from


Jae on Oct 28 2019 2:21PM

Thos website was very easy to use very fast shipping and good quality products

highly Professional service

Lizzy on Jun 30 2019 12:30PM

Professional response and I was updated regarding my order details, they answered my queries pretty well. overall this pharmacy provides good service


lacy miner on Jun 9 2019 7:37PM

This pharmacy is the best women health care pharmacy which gives great service as well as the excellent price range and delivery times.

Legit it works

Stephanie a. on Jun 8 2019 5:51AM

i was skeptical since i was ordering from the us but it was the only cheap alternative for me. But I’m 110% satisfied with the outcome. The pills are legit. They work, they send you updated with your order and tracking. Im so pleased at how everything came out and was handled.

best medicine for abortion

april wessley on Jun 1 2019 10:44PM

i was worried initially but it was pretty easy for me to receive my order here in California. thanks for keeping me up to date regarding my order. one of the best online pharmacy.

Effective and safe to use medication

Vincey serfaty on Jan 14 2019 6:54PM

This pack is so effective and safe to use, I definitely recommend this to all those women who are seeking for a safe option for abortion.

Genuine medicines delivered

Angelina Zack on Oct 19 2018 1:51PM

I was tensed about the product quality but secure abortion pills sent me original pills with 20%discount , that's a great deal


Andrea Mackenz on Oct 19 2018 5:48AM


Tracking Details Upto Date

Alisa Schiff on Dec 18 2017 8:31PM

My order took an extra day to reach me, but I was perfectly updated regarding tracking via email all the time. There was no fear of getting cheated. One abortion pill pack was free in my package. Thanks for such an awesome deal