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Explain the term erectile dysfunction in detail

When a man is facing the problem of erectile dysfunction, he importunately tends to face problems in making the best erections when he carries out the activity of sex. The basic causes which have been detected behind the man facing erectile dysfunction are the improper blood flow to the penis, stress or any sort of tension or depression, etc. This also happen to the person when he is a drug or cigarette or alcohol addict. There are several drugs which say to cure erectile dysfunction well from the person but as per the research only few of them are said to be very good and effective enough for the man.


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What can a person do to be free from impotence?

Silagra is a product which basically emphasis on the betterment of the sexual problem which a man faces in his life due to erectile dysfunction. This disorder has brought in so many changes in the person life and that is the reason people are forced to make use of the pills of Silagra. This has basically turned out to be an effective drug for a man to be facing impotence. Many men make use of these pills for a better sexual life ahead. The pills of Silagra could only be used and could show up with the best effects only when it is taken when the man is sexually aroused.

What is the mechanism of the drug?

It is quite important for the man to know the proper mechanism of the drug before he probably takes it. The working of Silagra is quite simple and easy to be understood. Only the people who have been suffering from impotence have to have this drug and no other people need to buy Silagra online. The main target of this drug is simply to fight with PDE-5 enzyme that is the biggest threat for the man to face erection issues. This PDE-5 enzyme makes the person not to face a proper blood flow and that is the reason a man has to have Silagra for a better flow of blood to their penis.

By whom can Silagra be used?

The men who have crossed the age limit of 18 can use the pills of Silagra. Women or kids are strictly not allowed.

Who cannot intake the pills of Silagra?

It can be threat to the people if they have Silagra even after being victims of heart attack, stomach ulcer, vision issues, low blood pressure, etc.

What would take place if the dosage is been missed?

The dosage of the drug says that a person only have to intake Silagra when he wants to make love and not unnecessarily. This is not like the normal medicines which has to be eaten regularly but has to be eaten only while the person makes love so then there is no such problem of the dosage being missed.

Does the medicine of Silagra actually have a good impact on the sexual life?

The medicine of cheap Silagra itself is known for treating impotence and has to give a person a better sexual life and so there is no such thing to doubt on.

What is the possible dosage for Silagra?

First of all one must take pills of Silagra with the help of water. It is advice not to take it with any other food items. A man has to eat the recommended dosage probably 45 minutes or an hour before they start to make love. It is essential to practise the pills an hour before or else you would hardly see any possible effects in yourself. The doctor himself gives the man the power of dosage which has to be eaten and so eat the pills as per the directions of the doctor.

How should a person consume Silagra?

The medicine of Silagra 100mg has to be consumed wholly and is not supposed to broken or dissolved in the water and then have. By doing so the medicine loses its effects. Also this has to be kept in mind that the pills of Silagra are supposed to be taken only 1 in 24 hours. If you repeat the tablet second time before 24 hours get completed then you can get into major trouble.

What happens when an overdose is taken?

Overdose will not happen only if the man limits the use of Silagra online pills. As the pill is eaten only before having sex, there is no such question of the dosage to be missed then.

What if Silagra fails to show its effects?

It is fine if you do not face a proper effect after the drug is taken. Many a times it happens to be, that the medicine does not work but that does not mean that the drug is useless. Doctors too have told men that the medicine works after 2nd or 3rd use.

Can the pill be taken in an empty stomach?

It is well and good if a consumer does so. Empty stomach makes the medicine of Silagra more effective and also tends to show better effects instantly.

Does the pill hold any side effects?

Of course the medicine has some side effects. You do not require any sort of treatment for the side effects as they come, stay for a short duration and leave. Some of these common side effects are vomiting, upset stomach, dizziness, sensitivity to light, etc.

Storage of the drug

Make sure you give special attention to the dosage of Silagra. The medicine has to be stored at a room temperature under the room temperature of 30 degree. The best place to keep the medicine is to a cool and dry place.

Are the pills of Silagra available in regular stores?

No, the medicine of cheap Silagra could only be available on the online stores.

What precautions must be taken?

One cannot carry out any other activity after they have Silagra as it causes dizziness to the person.

  • Make sure that you tell the doctor if you face any allergic reactions due to the pills of Silagra.
  • Stop the consumption of alcohol and grape products if you have Silagra.

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