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Explain the term glaucoma

Basically glaucoma is a condition where in the man tends to face issues in his eye sight. Glaucoma is said to be a dangerous disorder where the man or the women of any age group are affected. This occurs when the intra ocular pressure hits the optic nerve. This intra ocular pressure is basically a pressure which is formed inside and tends to damage the nerve completely. Not everybody knows the importance of this optic nerve. This nerve basically works as a messenger nerve for each and every individual. It usually works by sending the images or the pictures which are captured by our eyes to the brain and so it is also known as the messenger nerve. So just imagine if the messengers nerve itself gets damaged then how is a person supposed to see or even react to certain things? So in the end it makes the person blind and slowly and gradually it makes the person blind for the life time if the issue is not detected on time.


Bimatoprost 0.03%w/v 3ml
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What can be done to be free from this issue?

The only way out to be free from this issue is by the use of certain eye drops or eye care medicine which can heal this issue better. There is this one medicine which is the best for this issue and the only eye drops recommended by far to all and that is Bimatoprost. Cheap Bimatoprost is the best effective drug which stresses over making the person gets back their los eye vision. It comes up with an excellent reasonable cost which makes it so famous and is also sold out the most. You can easily get over the problem and also prevent your eyes from getting damaged or becoming blind.

What is the mechanism of the drug?

The working is easy to understand. It helps the pressure that is the intra ocular pressure to lower down. After the use you yourself are going to realize that the swelling is reducing making your vision better than before.

By whom can Bimatoprost be used?

These drops of Bimatoprost can be taken by both men as well as women.

Who cannot use the drops of Bimatoprost?

These eye drops are not supposed to be taken by those people who are suffering from medical issues other than glaucoma. Those people who are suffering from problems like heart related issues, kidney issues or breathing issues must take the medicine with utmost care.

What would take place if the dosage is been missed?

It is said that the medicine has to be taken at the given time or else you might not face the desired effects. Also if you miss the dose then make sure that you take it as soon as possible. In a case where the other dosage timing is near you can skip the missed dose and continue from the other day.

What is the procedure of using Bimatoprost?

There is a specific pattern of using the medicine of Bimatoprost. The drops are supposed to be put in the damaged eyes on daily basis. You need to maintain a good hygiene as well. Put the lid properly with clean hands and make sure to wash your hands before and after use. Make a pouch like structure by pulling your lower lid outside. Put in the drops. Close your eyes for 2 minutes after the drops are been put and make sure to avoid rubbing them. The drops are bimatoprost online are asked to be applied at the evening time and daily try using it at the same time and the same quantity.

What happens when an overdose is taken?

There are no possible severe side effects if the over dose of online bimatoprost is taken. One just has to see to it that they take immediate help from the doctor as and when any such thing happens to them.

Do the drops hold any side effects?

Yes, the drops of Bimatoprost have some side effects just like any other eye drop have. Some of the side effects are swelling of face, throat or tongue, itching around eyes, issues in breathing, changes in the vision, pain in the eyes, etc. See to it that you take the eye drops properly to avoid any side effects. If these side effects stay for a longer time span then make sure to consult a good doctor so that no harm is caused to your health.

Storage of the drug

Storage is always very important. Make sure that you store the medicine of bimatoprost at a room temperature. Also keep this in mind that you keep the medicine away from heat, sunlight or moisture. Dispose of the product if it has been expired. Also make sure to buy Bimatoprost and keep it away from children to avoid any damage to their health. The advised temperature for bimatoprost is 15 to 30 degree c.

Is the medicine of Bimatoprost available in regular stores?

No you cannot get the medicine of Bimatoprost at regular stores. It is only obtainable at online stores. These eye drops are only sold out at online stores.

What precautions must be taken?

There are some precautions which has to be taken and they are-

  • Make sure to visit the doctor at least alternate days.
  • Medicines which you are using other than this has to be told about to the doctor.
  • If you find any allergic reactions after using this drug then simply avoid the usage.
  • A slight change in the vision is common so take a little care and avoid works which include special attention or concentration.
  • Women who are breastfeeding or are pregnant must talk to the doctor before using the drug.


Any diet instructions to be followed while taking bimatoprost as a treatment?

You can stick to your normal diet as no special diet is prescribed while taking up with the treatment of cheap Bimatoprost.

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