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Payments made easier with Western Union Money Transfer

What is western union?

Westerns Union is an American based company which deals with financial and communication services, it's well known for its telegram exchange services throughout the world. Its Headquarter is based in Meridian (Colorado) the company is very well known for its products like Candygrams, Melodygrams, and Dollygrams. Western Union has got various transaction verticals under it like person to person transfer of money, money orders, commercial services, and business transition division. In this, we will discuss how you can ease your transactions experience with the help of these payment options.

First of all, you have to register your account in Western Union to process any kind of money transactions.

Online Transactions

How to transfer money to a Bank account:

One needs to have all the relevant details of the receiver account before doing any transaction. Details like – Bank account name and Bank account number. Once you get all the details of the recipient you have to log in to your western union account with your registered credentials.

You have to now enter the amount which you want to send along with the desired destination, after that click the “send now” button.

Click on the transaction mode via “Bank Account” select past receiver details or enter the receivers account details.

Select the mode of the transaction whether you want to pay by credit or debit card and fill the card details in it. After you make the payment you will get a confirmation mail with the tracking number details (MCTN) mentioned on it, you can share this tracking number with the receiver.

How to send money for cash pick-up and pay with a card option:

Like in the previous case here also you can send money online, you have to just log in to your account and just press “send now” button and then you have to select “cash pick” option. Then you have to enter the name and address of the recipient and select the payment option for eg. Pay via credit card or debit card.

A confirmation mail will be sent to you mentioning the tracking number to track your transaction (MTCN) you have to share this tracking number with the recipient for fast cash-pick up.

How to send money through cash pick up option and paying with bank account:

In this, you have to log on to your western union account and then select the option “cash pickup” you have to select the destination of the receiver and then select the payment option as a bank account.

You have to link your checking account with your western union account profile. You will be then directed to page reviewing your bank account details, if everything is ok then proceed to complete your transfer.

Again you will get a confirmation mail with the tracking number in it which you need to give it to the receiver for fast cash pick up.

 Online Transfer of money to the wallet:

In this process, you can send your money to the receiver’s phone provided he should also have a mobile wallet on his phone.

 You have to first look for countries available where this option is available and the mobile operators proving these services. Log in to your mobile wallet and press “send now” option to initiate your transfer process.

You then have to enter the desired destination and you can select numbers up to 500$ and select the “delivery to mobile wallet” option. You have to enter the receiver’s mobile number and pay through your checking account with credit or debit card options.

 Both of you will receive a confirmation message via text when your money gets transferred.

Transaction via person:

Transferring money to any bank account

First of all, collect all the necessary bank details of the receiver and then look for the nearest agent in your locality. Carry all your ID proofs, your WU (western union) number and your phone number along with the receivers name and his entire bank account details.

Payment can be done via cash or through credit or debit cards.

You will get a receipt with your tracking number (MTCN) mentioned on it, share this number with the recipient to track the transaction and collect the fund.

Transferring money with cash pick up option:

In this process, you need to carry all your details like your ID card, your western union (WU) number, your phone number along with the receiver’s details to the nearest agent in your locality.

Hand over the entire transaction amount along with the transaction fees to the concerned person (Agent) pay him in cash.

After the transaction, you will get a receipt with tracking number, keep it safe with you and share it with the receiver so he can collect the sent amount.

Transferring money to a mobile wallet:

First, you need to check the mobile services provided who are providing these services.

Give your receiver’s name and mobile number.

Then go to the concerned person at the counter with your ID proof, WU number or your phone number and your receiver’s full details.

You can pay with your credit card, debit card or through your checking account.

Both of you will receive a confirmation alert notification through text on your mobile when the money has been delivered.

Transfer of money through phone:

Request for cash pick up option:

This is considered to be the easiest form of sending money to someone.

You have to just keep your debit card or credit card handy with you,

Give a Call on 1-800-CALL-CASH® (1-800-225-5227)

Just speak to your agent regarding the fund's transfer matter and pay him by credit/debit card or by cash, after the payment is processed a tracking number will be provided to you. Share the tracking number with the receiver and ask him to use that number for collecting the amount from any of the western union agent nearby.

Transfer money via mobile app:

In this, you have to first download the western union app from the Google play store or apple app store (ios) and then register your account in it.

In it, there are different options for sending money to someone like send to a bank account, cash pick option pay with card or bank account option or send to mobile wallet of the receiver option.

You can select an option of how you want to send the money either by bank account or with your credit or debit card.

Enter the specific details of the receiver, make sure you enter the correct bank account details in case of bank account transfer and correct mobile number in case of mobile wallet transfer.

Soon after the transaction, you will get a tracking number (MTCN) send this tracking number to the recipient so that you both can keep a track of the transaction details.