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Everything you need to know about MoneyGram

What is MoneyGram?                                                                           

MoneyGram - MoneyGram is an international Inc which helps in the transformation of money globally in an innovative manner. It is world’s second largest organization which deals in monetary transfer all across the world. It is highly recognized for its security and instant payment transfer mode. The company is based out in the USA and its headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. It has its regional office spread across the world. MoneyGram operates in over 200 nations worldwide and provides business to them by setting up a vast network of agents and huge networking with financial institutions.

The main organization which controls this vast network of organizations is MoneyGram payment system Inc, MoneyGram international holdings and its subsidiaries are MoneyGram payment system worldwide Inc. This system of transfer of money is very beneficial for those people who do not have a bank account or they don’t want to do any transaction through their personal bank account where they have to share all their details about there bank accounts. MoneyGram service caters to mainly monetary transfers like money order, bill payments. MoneyGram functions on over 350000 locations worldwide which in result makes their transfer process very fast and easy.

Why should you choose MoneyGram?

A huge number of businesses are being operated by MoneyGram which make it very fast safe and easy in terms of online transfers. There are many other options like send and receive by with monetary transaction can be initiated in a very fast and secure way. In terms of security, it is completely reliable service.

Ways by which one can send money through MoneyGram?

 Online transaction:

In this process, if you want to send money to someone then you have to have some necessary information with you like how much money you want to send and what is the payment option required by the receiver.

After this, you have to select the mode of payment like whether you want to pay with your credit card/debit card or you want to transfer money directly from your bank account.

After you selected the payment option now you have to write a little bit of information about yourself so we can do reliability check and verify your identity. You can have a full review of the details provided by you and then press on send money option.

Transferring of money to someone with the help of a person:

Find a MoneyGram located near you. Carry all important documents along with you like – you’re an ID card, the recipient’s name which is mentioned on his ID card, the entered name should match the name on the ID cards as while collecting the money the recipient has to produce his ID card. You have to give the proper name address of the recipient and have to bring exact cash along with you that you want to send.  Along with that money you have to pay some processing fees also.

After the transaction is done you will get an 8 digit code which you have to share with the recipient so that with the help of that 8 digit code he can pick up the money from any of MoneyGram nearby his location.

Transferring money to the bank account:

In this, you have to choose your recipients and send his name which is in maintained in the bank accounts. Now select the option “account deposit” which will appear on your screen and then enter the amount that you want to send to the recipient.

After this, you have to select the transaction mode of how you wish to pay like – debit card/credit card. In case if you are transferring money to some other country then you will also gets the currency exchange rate flashing on to your screen. You have to provide your information details for your identity verification.

You also have to provide the details of the receiver with his proper bank account details and name. After you have filled up all the required details, review the entire thing and when you find everything is all right then press the send button.

Transferring money to someone through mobile wallet:

First of all, choose your receiver to whom you want to send money and then decide how much money you want to send him. You will have to enter the correct mobile number of the receiver with proper international dial code.

The moment you feed the mobile number you get the receive option after that you have to choose “account deposit” option and you have to enter the amount that you want to pay.

Payment can be done by credit card or by debit card option.

A little bit of information about yourself needs to be filled so that your verification can be done easily. Don’t forget to review the entire details before sending the money.

Sending money through MoneyGram mobile pass:

In this, you have to give details of who are you sending the money, how much money you want to send him, and from which location he wants to receive the money.

Select your nearest MoneyGram location; the entire transfer process can be easily completed within 24 hours. You just have to give your name and payment details to the MoneyGram associate.

Transferring money through MoneyGram Sendbot:

MoneyGram Sendbot can be easily found on Facebook or Facebook messenger app.

In this, you have to choose the desired option by pressing “get started” button, to activate the MoneyGram Sendbot, after that you have to select the money that you want to send.

As MoneyGram Sendbot is currently available to MoneyGram customers having an online account for MoneyGram so you need it login to your MoneyGram account

You need to follow the directed steps to complete the transaction.

Transferring money through MoneyGram kiosk:

In this you need to first fill up all your details of the transaction on your touch screen kiosk, you need to fill the receiver’s details and the amount that you want to transfer and to which location.

You have to go to your nearest store cashier to pay the amount for your transaction; you need to share all your details and the amount that you want to give.

After the transition is completed you will receive an 8 digit number for your reference which you have to share it with the receiver.