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What are the precautions to consider before taking MTP Kit

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MTP Kit is used mainly for abortion, with pregnancy less than 9 weeks. It is also known as RU-486, and is manufactured by Cipla. The MTP kit consists of 2 sets of tablets, one is Mifepristone which is to be consumed orally and another tablet is Misoprostol for vaginal use. The package costs Rs.500 and it has one Mifepristone tablet and four Misoprostol tablets. The combination of both sets of pills results in successful pregnancy termination. MTP Kit is safe but a very strong drug, and, one should adhere to precautionary measures, take the pills as instructed by the doctor, and understand the abortion process before taking the MTP kit. It is recommended to visit a gynecologist and consider the best solution for abortion, before consuming the MTP Kit.

Women who are not eligible to take MTP kit

  • Women with a pregnancy beyond 9 weeks.
  • Medical history with allergic reactions to mifepristone, misoprostol or prostaglandin.
  • Women diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy, where the embryo attaches outside the uterus. In such cases, the MTP kit doesn’t result in abortion, besides, it may lead to complications in the pregnancy.
  • IUD (Intrauterine device) or birth control devices in the uterus might interfere with the abortion process.
  • Women suffering from bleeding problems or having hemorrhagic disorders will complicate the pregnancy termination process.
  • Women, who have been taking corticosteroid therapy for a long time, would risk acute renal insufficiency if MTP Kit is consumed.
  • Anyone suffering from Kidney, Liver, and Uterus infection are not eligible to take in MTP Kit.

MTP Kit results in heavy bleeding and cramping, hence anyone who doesn’t have access to medical care or medical facilities should not take up MTP Kit. There are chances of incomplete abortion, excess blood loss, vaginal infection and emergency could arise. Hence, physical support and medical assistance are required before consuming the MTP kit.

Serious and Adverse Effects

For a successful pregnancy termination, MTP Kit should be consumed as instructed. Mifepristone tablet is to be taken orally. Once the Mifepristone tablet is consumed, after 24-48 hours as directed by the doctor, Misoprostol tablets should be inserted in the vagina. After insertion, the patient must wait for 30 minutes for the medicine to dissolve in the vagina. 2 hours after Misoprostol insertion, bleeding should start. Heavy bleeding along with uterine cramping occurs for the next 24-72 hours. 

  1. Vaginal bleeding: Heavy bleeding is part of the abortion process, where the bleeding decreases with time. However, if the patient is bleeding excessively for more than 48 hours, the patient requires immediate medical assistance. 
  2. Uterus infection: If the patient has a fever with more than 101 degrees F for more than 4 hours, with severe pelvic/abdominal pain, it is a symptom of vaginal infection.
  3. Incomplete pregnancy termination: Bleeding is not the symbol of successful termination. The patient must visit the clinic after 2 weeks for scanning to confirm abortion.


MTP Kit is safe, however, a very strong medication. Understanding the abortion process, along with the side effects and taking the right precaution will help the patient. It is recommended to follow the guidelines and instructions before consuming MTP Kit for successful pregnancy termination.