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Abortion pills without guidance can be dangerous

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An increasing number of young women wanting to abort the pregnancy with self-medication in India is rising high. Various reasons result in avoiding medical advice, and what the patient doesn’t understand is the seriousness behind their actions. Opting for medical abortion without medical advice can be dangerous. Using any kind of abortion pill without proper guidance and in multiple usages would result in infertility and sometimes even in death.

An increasing number of incomplete abortions

In recent times, teenage girls and young married women are the ones who line up to get unwanted pregnancy terminated. Without proper medical advice, using abortion pills result in failed abortion and incomplete abortions. Maternity clinics have been seeing an increase in patients with complaints of abdominal pains resulting from incomplete abortions. Taking abortion pills doesn’t always result in successful termination.

Patients visit clinics after facing severe abdominal pains, or profuse vaginal bleeding over a week, or having a high fever over days. It is important to understand, that a doctor or gynecologists take a medical history, health conditions under consideration before suggesting abortion or prescribing abortion pills. Abortion is a very serious condition, if not dealt with properly can cause dangerous outcomes for the patient.

The case with incomplete abortions or the failed abortions results in surgery. These surgeries have been increasing in recent times. This has alarmed the government of India, about abortion pills misuse. Abortion pills are being misused as contraception pills and this results in increasing cases of incomplete abortion. Government rules such as the MTP kit Online Usa act have been violated and abortion pills have been circulating over the counter without a prescription.

Complications of incomplete abortion

Most of the abortion pills contain a combination of mifepristone and misoprostol tablets. It is important to take both the tablets as per guidance. Most of the women take the tablets from the local pharmacy, where the pharmacists instruct the medication. However, due to a lack of knowledge patients do not follow the instructions properly. Taking any one tablet, or not taking the dosage properly, or taking overdosage, all of this will lead to serious conditions. If the abortion pills are not taken properly, an incomplete abortion, the following may happen:

  1. The dead foetus is still intact in the uterine walls.
  2. Foetus is extracted but other pregnancy materials still in the uterus.
  3. Foetus is still growing the womb, with the uncertainty of damage.

Excessive bleeding and severe abdominal pain are some of the side effects of misusing abortion pills. However severe repercussions involve deformation of babies and ectopic pregnancy in future


Pregnancy involves hormonal changes in the body, aborting the foetus affects the women mentally and physically. It is better to avoid pregnancy by using a contraceptive measure. It is advisable to talk to a doctor before using any kind of abortion pills. The wrong usage of the pills or an overdose might affect fertility and risk the life of the patient. A step towards the doctor, talking to the doctor, might save lives and also future expenses.